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The original pine bark extract made in Koski farm in Siikainen is the only certified organic Pine Bark Extract drink. It has been produced since 1975, using a traditional and carefully guarded recipe. Only the bark and phloem of young pine trees and pure spring water are used to make the Pine Bark Extract drink. The raw material is sourced from responsibly managed organic forests in the surrounding area. The pine bark and phloem are used as the raw material for the Pine Bark Extract drink and are naturally rich in minerals and trace minerals, antioxidants and phenolic compounds such as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC).

The drink has also received recognition – it was selected as the HealthProduct of the Year in 2021, and has twice won the Natural Food of the Year award in Finland in 2003 and 2010. The Pine Bark Extract drink has been extensively researched since the 1990s in various university researchprojects and has hundreds of positive documented user experiences over the years.


… Pure

We use real and fresh ingredients through our secret formula. The same meticulous

demand for just the purest of ingredients goes for all of our products.


… Finnish 

Born in Finland, we are built on local wisdom and tradition. We trust local ingredients. It’s important for us that we still operate from the same Koski Forest Farm, in Siikainen, Satakunta, Finland. This is where our forest is, this is where our people are and for us, that means home.


… Fair 

The Liberty of working together with such amazing people around us from employees and distributors to suppliers and everyone close to us doesn’t come without responsibilities. First and foremost we aim to be fair towards everyone and prove this every day with our behavior. This is how we function every day.


… Responsible 

We don’t shy away from the fact that our raw ingredient comes from trees. That’s how we can insert goodness cherished by the human body. To do this responsibly we harvest our ingredients

from the forest that is growing the amount of biomass, creating carbon catchment vital to fighting climate change. The same responsible behavior is a core value we exercise towards our

partners and value chain. Through our everyday behavior, we thrive to be a truly responsible brand.

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