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“My mental wellbeing and everyday life have been much better, since I have been able to be more active and meet up with people.”

Thanks to Pinena, 32-year-old Maija’s cycle of infection was broken. “I was used to the fact that after a symptom-free week, I would get sick the following week at the latest. When two symptom-free weeks passed, I was surprised and happy.” Maija began using Pinena in January, and her respiratory infection symptoms and sinus infections have not returned since March.

Pinena has been helpful for chronic illnesses. Maija uses Pinena every day to reduce brain fog caused by fibromyalgia, and to increase her alertness. Pinena has also helped to alleviate her food intolerances and skin sensitivities.

“I have found for myself that Pinena helps with a broad range of symptoms. I can recommend it to anyone who has bothersome symptoms that restrict their everyday activities, and who feels like nothing helps.”

Pinena User stories

We've had three Pinena test groups, where each group tested Pinena pine bark extract tablets for four weeks with different dosages. 

In the beginning and during the test, the participants fill out forms that collect information of their experience with Pinena. Once the test period is finished, they can leave feedback.


Here we've gathered some of the feedback

(Test group 1 and 2, winter 2022):


“I have stayed healthy even though I have been surrounded by flu etc.
I have had fewer eye problems.”

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