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Breaking a cycle of infection and easing long-term illnesses with Pinena

32-year-old Maija suffered from a continuous cycle of infection for over two years. The cycle began in the spring of 2020, when she fell ill with pneumonia after a three-month long infection. After that, the infection recurred every month from even minor exertion or from bathing in a sauna. Of the two-year period, Maija can only remember at most a week of less symptomatic periods of respiratory infection.

The exact cause of the cycle is unknown. Suspected causes include poor indoor air quality due to a low-pressure problem in her home and long Covid. Maija does not know whether the pneumonia she had in the spring of 2020 was Covid-19 because tests were not yet being carried out at that time. During these two years, it was difficult to see a doctor, as people with infections were not given examinations and appointments were postponed during the pandemic. Adjusting appointments was mentally draining, and Maija was met with tones of disbelief when she changed the appointments. “I felt ashamed that I did not recover as quickly as others. I also got comments like ‘No-one can be sick that often’ and that I am wasting health care resources, even though I tried to be responsible and avoid infecting others.”

Having tried numerous supplements, Maija was feeling discouraged. However, she had heard good things about pine bark extract from acquaintances and in the TerveysSummit health summit, and had thought about trying it. Before Christmas 2021, Maija won a packet of Pinena pine bark extract tablets from a social media campaign. Maija began taking Pinena as soon as she got the package in January.


Free from the confinement of the same four walls

Within the first week of using Pinena, Maija noticed an improvement in her mood and alertness. She also suffers from long-term illnesses, such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, and delayed sleep-phase syndrome. Thanks to Pinena, she was able to wake up a couple of hours earlier in the morning and the brain fog caused by fibromyalgia decreased. After about a month of using Pinena, she noticed a significant improvement in her infection symptoms. “I had become used to falling ill no later than a week after symptoms cleared up. When two symptom-free weeks passed, I was surprised and happy.”

Apart from a sniffle, by the end of February, the symptoms of the infection had disappeared, and Maija was able to resume normal activities again without the fear of getting sick. Previously, she had been confined almost entirely within the same four walls due to infections. Even shopping trips had been a luxury for two years, and Maija’s husband had been mainly taking care of their errands. Since the beginning of March, there have been no new infections. The persistent sinus infections, for which even antibiotics were ineffective, have disappeared thanks to Pinena. “I felt free. I had more energy to manage everyday tasks and I could resume my normal activities. It’s a good thing I took a chance on Pinena.” Maija also explains how Pinena helps to keep her asthma, which worsens during spring, under control. For the first time in years her PEF levels have stayed within the normal range, and she can manage street dust without medication.


Vitality and relief for everyday life

Pinena has helped Maija to live with chronic illnesses. She has found the optimal dosage to be four Pinena tablets a day. “I get more done during the day when I have less brain fog and I’m more alert. I can’t take antidepressants because of the side effects, and I was surprised how a natural alternative can lift my mood so much.” In addition to a malalignment of her lower limbs, the cycle of infection had further limited Maija’s mobility as her general health had deteriorated and her muscles strength was reduced. Pinena broke the cycle, and curbed the fatigue, and on good days Maija has been able to walk two kilometres instead of 500 metres, which is a big achievement for her. For longer distances, she uses an electric scooter. Brief episodes of lower limb paralysis at night have also subsided after starting the tablets. “I am happy about everything I can now do more of. In harder times, washing dishes made me bedridden for the rest of the day.”


The regular use of Pinena has been evident in Maija’s stomach and skin. Maija had suffered from many food intolerances and various stomach complaints for several years. Thanks to Pinena, she noticed that she could tolerate small amounts of foods that would have previously caused severe intestinal pain. “It is a relief to find out that I have been able to carefully expand my diet. For example, citric acid caused abscesses in the head area after each internal or external use. Now I can drink a carbonated drink without breaking out in boils, and even sometimes put products containing citric acid in my hair, without my skin starting to show symptoms the next day.” Maija has also suffered from recurrent rosacea, from which antibiotic ointments only provided temporary relief. Thanks to Pinena, she now has hardly any pimples, and red flushes are less frequent. Her rosacea has mostly been kept at bay without the use of pharmaceutical products. Like her intestines, Maija’s rosacea is now much more resistant to exposure and no longer flares up after a course of cortisone treatment like it used to.

Hope for the future from Pinena

Chronic illnesses had become part of Maija’s life, but her mental wellbeing and her everyday life have improved as she has had the energy to move more and meet up with people. “It is easier to stay positive when I am no longer confined within the four same walls for months on end. My wellbeing is getting better little by little.” If she has the energy, she also likes to play Pokémon Go, and she likes to take photos. She also likes to travel with her husband to various nature areas in Finland. The couple also has two cats. Since Maija’s cycle of infection was broken, she has been able to exercise her legs again and hopes that she will be able to move even more in the future.


Maija wants to give hope to those to whom doctors have said that there are no medications or treatments left to try. “I have found for myself that Pinena helps with a broad range of symptoms. I can recommend it to anyone who has bothersome symptoms that restrict their everyday activities, and who feels like nothing helps. I also recommend it to healthy people for an immune system boost and increased alertness for anyone suffering from fatigue. This is truly natural and does good for different problems.”

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